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Sports and Remedial Therapy

Practising Sports and Remedial Therapy concerns the understanding of safe and effective principles of fitness and training as well as injury assessment and rehabilitation.

The aim of Sports Therapy is to support athletes as they prepare for and recover from their sport and competition. This may involve fitness evaluation, monitoring (posture, biomechanics and gait), injury prevention, assessment, treatment, evaluation and rehabilitation. Additionally, treatments may address requirements relating to relaxation and general well-being, where appropriate.

First Consultation

A typical first consultation session will include:

  • full case history - providing information about the client's lifestyle, activities, sports and events leading to the current issue / injury
  • thorough assessment including an analysis of posture, pain and discomfort, physical discrepancies and the client's broad state of health
  • through this consultation and discussion, the therapist and client will agree a course of treatment and share outcomes / expectations. Importantly, any contra-indications to treatment will also be discussed and identified.


Throughout treatment, the therapist will discuss with the client methods of self-help including preparation for activities and post-activity care, as well as vital self-treatment during the acute stage immediately following an injury occurring. Sharing this awareness and knowledge can help clients achieve greater effectiveness within their sport through being more prepared for activity, avoid the likelihood of suffering an injury and, when an injury does occur, minimise the damage thus reducing the recovery period.

Services include:

  • thorough sports injury assessment
  • sports injury treatment and complete rehabilitation support
  • postural assessment
  • myofascial release
  • trigger-point therapy
  • remedial sports massage
  • pre and post-event massage

The opportunity to work with with the therapist throughout your rehabilitation programme, including return to initial training, fitness testing and return to sport is also available.

Sports and Remedial Massage

The use of Sports and Remedial Massage is widely acknowledged as a core component of treating sports injuries. What are the benefits?

  • preventative measure prior to activity
  • help damaged tissue to heal correctly, reducing the likelihood of scar tissue and adhesions
  • promote rapid recovery through increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • reduction of muscular tension and spasm
  • improvement in the range of movement and pain relief

General Massage and Well-being

Clients requesting a general massage (full-body, back, neck – tired, aching muscles) are also welcome. Massage can help in some cases of headaches and tension due to the stresses of modern life. Treatments can be suitable for relaxation and to encourage an improved sense of general well-being.

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